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Helpful Medical Terminology

1.  Acute- Symptoms or Conditions that occur suddenly and/ or last a relatively short time meaning days or weeks, not months. Example: You may have an attack of acute back pain after rearranging the furniture. 2.  Architectural distortion- You’re going to need another mammogram or ultrasound. The term simply describes an abnormal arrangement of tissueRead More

Vacationing is good for your health

Studies have shown that not taking vacations is linked to health problems. Dean Obeidallah says “vacation or die.” Published on Jul 15, 2012

Six Tips for Better Napping

The sleep experts say napping done right is good for the brain and our work performance. But what’s the best way to grab some extra zzz’s during the day? Here are some tips from the experts: 1.   Don’t nap too long, especially if it’s a week day and you’re working. Experts warn that the longerRead More

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Pumpkin

By Caroline Young During the crisp autumn months, pumpkins pop up everywhere — on our porches, in shop windows, and at the local farmers market. They are part of the gourd family, along with cucumbers, honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe, and zucchini. Pumpkins were originally called “gros melons” by French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1584. The EnglishRead More

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