Senior Health (Geriatrics)
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Senior Health (Geriatrics)

Geriatrics usually encompass those over 50 years of age. Aging brings many unique joys as well as responsibilities to manage your health more closely. We will provide you with a unique check-up and cancer screening plan to monitor your health based on your age, background, lifestyle and other factors. We can also help you with diet, exercise and lifestyle suggestions to help your mind and body stay at the top of its game!

Some common reasons for visits include osteoarthritis, sleep disorders and urinary incontinence. We also offer some unique treatments, such as Synvisc Injections, which can help alleviate pain in aging joints.

Sexual Health

Your sexual health and happiness are very important to your overall well being. Your doctor is a non-judgmental, confidante and resource to discuss sex, menopause management, erectile dysfunction and other questions or issues that you may be experiencing. We are focused on your happiness and health, so please take advantage of our knowledge!

Mental and Emotional Health

Your mental and emotional health are very important, and often affect your physical health. Some reasons for visits include depression, behavior/mood changes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. We are committed to helping you and connecting you with other resources that can provide support.

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